Robin f.

Laura is amazing! If it weren’t for her persistence and unwavering support, I would not be breastfeeding my baby today . . . and that’s the truth!

page t.

Our son lost 13% of his birthweight despite (my) having an abundant supply. Laura discovered a tongue tie, referred us to a specialist and then helped us wean from the nipple shield. We are now a happy nursing couple and I am so grateful to Laura for all of her help in this long journey of getting us here!

mitra l.

The minute I talked to her, I felt better. So comforting and encouraging, great advice and guidelines. My supply is increasing and I couldn’t be happier.


Laura is such a lifesaver! I highly, highly recommend her for any breastfeeding issues. She really takes the time to sit with you, listen and figure out what the problem is.

Message from a happy client:

Hi Laura! We got your "first birthday" postcard last week and I've been meaning to say hello and tell you thanks for a few things:

1) thank you for including baby-led weaning in your initial recommendations. I probably never would have heard of it on my own, and it's been the absolute BEST! We've had so much fun and our baby has such a lovely relationship with food.

2) thank you as well for including co-sleeping info. Again, one of the BEST parenting decisions we made as a result.

3) finally. thank you for offering homeopathic protocols for mastitis. I've talked to several women who really struggled through even with an IBCLC, but your advice took care of mine instantly last summer. (This one is on my mind because I woke up with mastitis today after baby was too busy and excited for milk during most of yesterday... )

Otherwise, we're doing fabulous!

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