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Chicago Lactation Consultants offers the following services:

PRENATAL VISIT   Private (in-home) or Skype consultation to help get breastfeeding off to the best start, which is especially important in the first few days after giving birth.  If you are planning a hospital birth, it is important to understand hospital routines that may interfere with breastfeeding success and know what you need to do to establish your supply.  It is suggested to plan this visit by 35 weeks' gestation.       Cost: $150


IN-HOME BREASTFEEDING CONSULTATION   In this initial consultation, we will take a complete maternal and infant health history, perform physical assessments of the baby and of the mother’s breasts, and observe a breastfeeding session.  The baby is weighed before and after the feed using a sensitive digital scale to assess breastmilk intake.  A written plan of care, a professional report to the baby’s and/or mother’s medical care provider and a coded insurance claim form for purposes of reimbursement will be provided at the time of the visit. Follow-up assistance by phone is provided within 48 hours.  Most visits last 2 hours but can be anywhere from 1.5-3 hrs, depending on complexity of the issue(s).  When additional issues or questions cannot be addressed by phone, a follow-up consultation may be recommended.  Many insurance companies are reimbursing for lactation services; please check with your health insurance provider for more information*. Cost: $250; twins $300.  Weekend/holiday visits add $50

PHONE CONSULTATION  When a visit cannot be scheduled immediately, this consult provides help to manage symptoms ONLY.  It is not in place of a complete assessment by a qualified IBCLC. Online consent must be completed and payment received before any information and/or handouts will be provided.  If provided prior to a scheduled visit, this fee will be deducted from the cost of the in-home consultation. Cost:  $50

FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION   While some breastfeeding issues can be resolved in one visit, sometimes additional hands-on help and continued assessment is needed to fully meet your breastfeeding goals, especially if your baby went through releases of oral restrictions. Other times, new issues arise in the breastfeeding relationship, and additional help can help get mothers and babies back on track.  In this visit, for mothers who have already had a comprehensive consultation with Chicago Lactation Consultants, we will reassess infant feeding, address low or oversupply issues, and make necessary adjustments to the plan of care.  A follow-up consult typically lasts one hour.  Cost: $100


PAYMENT  We accept Chase/Zelle QuickPay, Venmo, checks or cash. Credit cards/HSA cards are also accepted but are subject to merchant fees; an invoice will be sent via email for your convenience.  Payment of remaining balance, plus any supplies and/or parking fees, is expected at the time of service. A coded insurance claim form will be provided for you to submit for reimbursement once payment is completed. Chicago Lactation Consultants cannot provide a refund for services rendered or opened/used supplies.

*We are not “in-network” providers with any insurance company; many insurance companies do not have IBCLCs in network.  If they do not have any, your visit with Chicago Lactation Consultants should be covered, although we still cannot guarantee this, as health plans vary. Please contact your insurance company to understand your benefits and to request a list of lactation consultants.


NOTE: Last year, the New York Times published an article about lactation consultant Freda Rosenfeld. A reader responded that the fee charged by lactation consultants is outrageous…depending on where you live, it can cost between $120 – $300+ per session.  It is wise for parents and parents-to-be to understand and evaluate what IBCLCs do and ask “Are IBCLCs worth it?” We come back with a resounding “Yes!” READ MORE HERE