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Cost: *$250

Twins $300.  Weekend/holiday visits add $50. *Your visit (up to three) may be covered through insurance. Contact us for more info!

  • Baby is weighed nude for weight gain

  • Baby is weighed on a sensitive scale before and after feeding to determine intake/ability to transfer

  • Baby oral exam including suck evaluation and overall head-to-toe assessment

  • Medical, birth, breastfeeding history

  • Exam of mother’s breasts, nipples

  • Pumping may be done to assess milk supply or pump set up if needed/desired

  • Folder containing written 48 hr care plan

  • Pertinent follow up articles, links provided by text or email

  • Report faxed to baby’s and mother’s providers

  • Follow up phone call within 48 hrs, 3 follow up phone calls included in initial visit

  • A coded insurance claim form for purposes of reimbursement will be provided at the time of visit